Wellness in Spring

For many of us it’s the same game every year. We are happy that the short and cold winter days are finally over. Outside the sun is shining, we may even use sun protection again, the flowers and trees show us their beautiful flowers, which germinate again after the winter. The days are getting milder now, we can definitely save a scarf now.

And yet some of us find it incredibly difficult to get into the corridors, to get active, to get up. Instead of being refreshed and full of new energy, many of us feel weak, dull and simply tired. This is the spring tiredness that makes us feel uncomfortable. Actually, the fresh air and the blossoming nature promises energy and departure. But instead of being inspired by warmth and green nature, we completely lack the energy to get out of bed. What is the reason for this? Today in our blog post we give you the best tips on how to get fit for spring – how can I get back on the right track?

A few tips to get you back on the move – sport makes you feel good
Just a few months ago, we made all kinds of good resolutions. When the winter is over, fresh air, more exercise and sport should be the order of the day. Healthy nutrition should also be on the agenda and we always wanted to get out of bed rested and start the day with energy. However, some excuses and cases of trouble prevent us from welcoming the new season full of energy. Stress on the job or privately, commitments, a hectic everyday life and bad weather keep us from going fit into spring. The annoying spring tiredness is usually aggravating. Why are we so tired in spring?

Causes of spring tiredness

Like so many things in our lives, spring tiredness is controlled by hormones. While we produce a lot of melatonin in winter, more and more serotonin is produced with frequent sunshine and longer daylight. These two messenger substances now send contradictory signals to our brain. Because the “spring hormones” have a completely different effect than melatonin, which is released during the dark and cold winter. In this transitional phase, the body now needs some time to find its balance again. This is the reason for this lack of drive and lust and our depressed mood, which we know under the term spring tiredness. This makes it all the more important to overcome the inner pig and still get moving.

This can be done against spring tiredness:

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent spring tiredness from haunting us. But with a few useful tips and tricks we can resist it quite well. The key to happiness is movement. In combination with fresh air we can get going again without any problems and regain the momentum and verve with which we can start the feeling powerfully. With activity in the fresh air we help our body to switch faster from winter to summer mode. But don’t worry. This does not mean that we should go jogging every day for an hour from now on. It is enough to go for a short walk once a day. Ten to fifteen minutes in the fresh air can be enough to get the body going.

Jogging plan for beginners

Anyone who wants to try jogging has made a good choice. Not only that you hardly need anything except a pair of running shoes. When jogging, we move in the fresh air and promote our health. If you start with small steps, you will quickly notice improvements in speed and endurance. The important thing is not to set your goals too high, especially at the beginning. Those who go jogging for the first time should set themselves small goals. Running for half an hour at a time – that won’t work right away. Instead, the workout should be divided into smaller parts: Jog for three minutes, then take a break for two minutes – and repeat that eight times.

In this way, muscles, circulation, tendons and joints are gently accustomed to the activity and can better adjust to performance increases. After two days one can already jog to five minutes and increase two minutes walking break, then to six minutes with three minutes walking break and after one week already to three times eight minutes with three minutes walking break in between. Soon one can create two times one behind the other a quarter of an hour and before one knows it, it works also with the half hour at the piece. Whoever has made it this far is no longer a beginner! Then you can try out a running plan for advanced runners and build on your success.

Cycling against spring tiredness

Real miracles can also work a small round by bike. The whole body is activated and the speed and intensity can be chosen by yourself. Cycling is the perfect weapon against spring tiredness. Fitness beginners can look around for an aqua fitness course – they are also particularly suitable for overweight people. The most important thing in sports is and remains: It must be fun. Otherwise you will soon lack the motivation to stay on the ball. If you’re looking forward to the sport, it’s also easier to get started. You can easily increase the motivation and fun factor by making an appointment with friends and family to do sports together. This is more fun and time goes by much faster!

Fit with the help of the right diet

Whether it’s about getting rid of a few pounds left over from the winter, or whether you just want to feel fitter all round, a healthy diet is good for us in every way. Lots of vegetables and fresh fruit, legumes and wholemeal products also help us to get going. Because if our metabolism is stimulated with healthy meals, we give the body energy. And never forget: drink enough. Water and unsweetened teas are best suited to reaching the daily minimum of 2 to 3 litres. Alcohol, caffeine or nicotine should be consumed in moderation or better avoided altogether – they can lead to our tiredness getting worse.

It’s not that hard to get up. With a small portion of motivation, it’s not as hard as you think to outsmart spring fatigue and get through spring fit.

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