Health Mattresses: What You Must Pay Attention To

Natural latex, natural fibre, cold foam, visco- and pocket spring mattresses for heavy or light weight, man, woman, allergy sufferer or child Or how about a vegan mattress?

Not only when it hurts
Many people with muscle or back problems are increasingly choosing a health mattress. It should ensure the distribution of pressure and thus relieve the spine, joints and muscles.

As a result, the body is better for breathable mattress cover supplied with blood and the optimal oxygen supply is ensured.

With a health mattress, the body is gently stretched throughout the night and the muscle pressure is thus removed from the inter-vertebral discs.

However, health mattresses should not be bought only when you feel pain, because back strain does not disappear as if by magic.

Healthy sleep is important at a young age. With a health mattress you can prevent tension and pain and sleep more restful.

Four essential health mattresses
Basically there is a wide range of health mattresses. You have to ask yourself the questions: What do I want to achieve?

Do I have allergies or even pain when lying down? In which bed do I feel better? What is the most comfortable position for me to lie on?

Cold foam mattresses

They are allergy friendly, adaptable, durable and have good thermal insulation. It is especially suitable for restless sleepers, elderly people and those who easily get cold or have back problems. The mattress is rather unsuitable for people who sweat a lot at night.

The core of the mattress consists of cold foam, which is absolutely harmless to health. The cover of the foam mattress consists of several layers of foam, which have different density and thickness.

The air chambers between the layers ensure good air circulation. The mattress cover is made of ecological materials such as virgin sheep’s wool or horsehair.

The great advantage of a cold foam mattress is its high point elasticity. This ensures that only those parts of the mattress sink in that are loaded with weight.

The spine is optimally supported, the mattress is light and reversible, very durable and absolutely silent. The good air circulation ensures a hygienic climate, which is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers.

Unfortunately, the cold foam mattress can smell unpleasant at first. You absolutely need a slatted frame. In case of fire the mattress is easily inflammable. However, an appropriate fireproof vent can help against this.

When buying a bed, you must make sure that its volume weight is not less than 45 kilograms/cubic meter. Because this value says a lot about the life span. By the way, it is only a cold foam mattress if it has cold foam on it.

Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses differ from normal innerspring mattresses in that the springs are sewn into fabric bags inside the mattress. They are suitable for all sleeping positions, body sizes and weights, even for those who sweat a lot. If you tend to freeze easily, this mattress is not the right choice for you.

The advantages of a pocket spring mattress are the optimal support of the body, the high stability and the high lying comfort. Because of the fabric bags, you do not hear the movements on the mattress.

Pocket spring mattresses are very suitable for simple and adjustable slatted frames. So if you already have a good slatted frame, you do not need to buy another one.

Pocket spring mattresses are relatively heavy and therefore a little harder to turn or transport.

When you buy one, you must pay attention to the number of springs. High-quality models have around 1,500 springs. A high compression hardness stands for a very good resilience. The volume weight should be 45 kilograms/cubic meter.


Viscoelastic mattresses are particularly suitable for people with orthopaedic problems. Even sensitive persons and side sleepers will enjoy this mattress. For restless sleepers and people who sweat a lot, the visco-elastic mattress is rather unsuitable.

The mattress consists of a kind of “shape memory foam”, which adapts perfectly to the body and gives you the feeling of floating in sleep.

The core of these models is either cold foam or viscose foam. Pure viscose foam is very sensitive to weight and heat, so there are two types of mattresses: those that react to heat and those that react to weight.

The coating, consisting of cold foam and surrounded by viscose foam, serves as pressure relief.

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