Welcome to the Bah Molsa!

Luxury is something different for everyone. For some it’s top comfort, for others it’s stylish interiors or superlative sports facilities. We find: Leisure is the greatest luxury of all. This heavenly state of being, threatened with extinction, was already considered by Aristotle’s time to be the “sister of freedom”. Freedom to order one’s thoughts, to gain knowledge, to rise above the “little things” of everyday life and to cultivate one’s own interpretation of a fulfilled life.

This is exactly what the Sonnhof is all about. It offers space to unfold. Time to find yourself. Inspiration to grow. And in addition fantastic basic conditions, in order to enjoy in each conceivable form.

Here you can do EVERYTHING and must NOTHING. This is ensured by a cosy ambience with only 39 exclusive accommodations, a contemporary 4-star superior standard, an unbeatable location directly on the slopes of the Pongau mountains as well as a heartfelt personal “adults preferred” guest culture.

Here you can revive free of all constraints and experience the Austrian way of life in pure culture. All year round except April/May.

The hotel culture of Bah Molsa in the Salzburg region
“Nothing has to, everything can.”

In the Sonnhof it is not only allowed, but expressly desired, to listen only to one’s own voice and to do and leave whatever one likes. And to do everything with leisure.

There are many temptations waiting for you to dream the day away or to gain new experiences. A kaleidoscope of pleasures and inspirations that makes the soul strong and wide. As vitalizing and delightful as the sun itself. So it is not about “faster, higher, further” or about changing the world. Rather, it is exclusively about making oneself happy.

We want to create space for this. Garnished with the purest Austrian way of life, the best messenger of happiness we know. This is exactly why the Sonnhof is an “adults preferred” hotel.

We give our guests the opportunity to take responsibility only for themselves and to feel unrestrictedly free. But we don’t force them to.

True to the motto “nothing has to, everything can do”. Whatever they make of it.

Idleness is a great adventure:

Siegfried Lenz, one of the best-known German writers of contemporary literature, speaks from our souls when he describes idleness as follows:

“One is prepared to savour inactivity, to exploit it, to be active in an unintentional way. Thus idleness is anything but an exhaustion of the spirit. The sensible idler refuses to stupefy himself with hustle and bustle, because he can stand it with himself. He can sit quietly for a long time, and he can marvel. And perhaps this is the most convincing gift of idleness: the opportunity for amazement that we are given. But those who marvel, those who wonder themselves on a modest occasion inevitably begin to ask questions, and those who ask questions will reach conclusions.”

Our “standard” offers for idlers:

Without any loud animation we would like to cultivate this joy of amazement in our house. With small, sensual inspirations in all hotel areas, which you can expose yourself to or not. According to the motto “Everything can, nothing must”.

  • The “Guide to idleness” by cult author Tom Hodgkinson in your room
  • Our “leisure library” with works from Seneca and Nietzsche to Nobel Prize winner Bertrand Russell
  • Our “idle” suggestions in the morning post
  • Surprising culinary “challenges” at the breakfast buffet
  • Our spa guide with suggestions for health-promoting “self-experiments
  • “Spiritual” self-awareness trips at the bar

Sonnhof for the ear

Music is a wonderfully sensual thing. It creates mood and makes memories come alive. Reasons enough for us to offer our guests a hand-picked selection of music via Spotify, which brings them to other thoughts and makes idleness so beautiful again. You can save the Sonnhof Playlists to your Spotify account and take them home as a souvenir or listen to them in the Sonnhof on your personal guest tablet. We wish you a lot of fun and look forward to your personal Sonnhof music suggestion at any time!

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